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The Christian and Missionary Alliance Chruch is our current spiritual home. Comprised of an "Alliance" between missionaries and domestic supporters (hence the very clever name!), the CMA believes that our purpose here on earth is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Local efforts are wedded to foreign efforts through a network of individual and church-wide sponsorships. Missions is a continuing focus of our fellowship, and we are encouraged to "get involved" in the work of our field missionaries through financial support, prayer, physical support, and communications.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance used to have a home page, and it was my intention to provide a link to that site here. My next best offering will have to be a link to the Home Page of the Northeastern District of the CMA. This will get you "into" their ministry and will point the way to other CMA churches online, as well as their ever-popular Delta Lake Bible and Conference Center!


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