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Welcome to the Tomas Howie Drawing Gallery!

When I draw portraits, I begin with the eyes. This is the soul of the image; our eyes are the window to our inner selves. I try to capture this window in my drawings.

I begin with a basic sketch of the primary lines of the figure in pencil. Once I am happy with the proportions and the overall composition I start to fill in the shading in charcoal. I work from the eyes out, rendering the volume of the piece pretty much in its finished values. I basically draw what I observe, all the time working to instill movement and form.

These drawings were all done over a period of many years. The oldest are first. Most are quite large, over 2' x 3'.

The main thing that drew me to these images - with a few exceptions - was the personality of the of the subject. Composition was also important; a weak composition will usually never translate well into a good drawing.

These are all drawings -- I swear!!!



These drawings are basic skteches made from a live nude model. Here I concentrated on the line itself, abandoning the photorealistic technique used in earlier works.

Please note the lines of the arms, thighs, and calves of the first two drawings. The third drawing interests me because of the lines in the legs, the balance of the overall piece, and the economy with which the form is suggested.

Now we come full circle. These drawings are the most recent.

The first is taken from an advertisement in a broadcasting journal. I tried to capture the pouty face and the hesitant, almost frightened eyes. Her left eye turned out lower in the picture than her right (my mistake): I managed to correct this by making the irises match, even if the lids don't. It gives the face a "flawed beauty" look; just another happy accident!


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