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How's your life? Perfect, I'll bet. Not a problem you can't face all by yourself. You always have enough food, money, things. You never get lonely - there's always someone nearby to understand you.

And you never, ever make mistakes!


Right! You're not fooling me, and I'm not fooling you. So, here's the answer to all those nagging little holes in your "perfect plan".

So, you goofed it up again. Made a real mess of it. And now you're worried about making it right. But, somewhere along the way there must be a reason for all these problems you seem to cause.

There is: it's called sin, and it's a part of your nature. You can't see it (except in the things you do), you can't smell it (except when it's burned you again), you can't taste it (except for that bitter taste it leaves in your mouth), you can't feel it (except when it bruises you), and you can't hear it (except when you're crying).

But, it's there.

It's a result of man's rejection of God. Adam did it, and we're all living in the fallout. Adam, who had it all: a beautiful home, a loving mate, and a loving God to care for him and talk to him. Adam would have lived forever had he not sinned. But, he got stupid. And God removed him from His presence. And he died.

We do it all the time: when we tell God, "I can handle this." Or, "I don't believe in you anyway, so why should I want your help?" Our own rejection of God, and ultimately our own lonliness.

But God didn't want to leave it that way, because He made man to have fellowship with Himself, and to be overseers of His creation. So, He made a plan.

Since sin was essentially a death sentence, and since only the sacrafice of a perfect living creature could atone for it, God chose to send His Son Jesus to earth to be that sacrafice. Jesus, who Himself was God, chose to obey and to give His life. He came, he taught man the ways of God, and he died.

For us.

But, the story doesn't end with the sacrafice. Death was not yet conquered. Three days after he was laid in his tomb, Jesus rose from the dead. You didn't hear about that in Godspell, or Jesus Christ Superstar, did you? The power of the risen Jesus is the power that can transform your life.

Your problems won't go away, but you now have some one to turn to for help. Seek Him out and He will answer you. You will find a friend.

The Good News

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