Masters Work

Welcome to the Tomas Howie Masters Page!

Thanks to a part-time position at a local University, I was able to finally pursue my post-graduate education.

I decided to seek an education masters with a minor in communications.

The position I held was unfortunately eliminated before I had a chance to matriculate. However, the experience did allow me to engage in some personally interesting research.

The Masters papers below best represent my thinking and interests in their respective topics.

Elements of Persuasion in the Films of Stanley Kubrick
Academic FreedomElements of Persuasion in the Bible

A r t  |  C a r e e r  |  M a s t e r s  W o r k  |  M u s i c  |  R e l i g i o n

K u b r i c k  |  A c a d e m i c  F r e e d o m  |  S c r i p t u r a l  P e r s u a s i o n