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Welcome to the Tomas Howie Music Links!

Here is a collection of links meant to accompany the Music pages.

There are many interesting resources on the internet for musicians and people who love music. Some are very helpful, others are mere curiosities.

I hope this collection is of use to you. As always, if you have a link you would think I should add, send me an e-mail!

Here is a listing of various Yes links on the net.
Some are excellent, others are merely curious. Enjoy.
Alan White - Home
Notes From The Edge
Opio World
Rick Wakeman's Communications Centre
South Side of the Sky
WindhamHill: Jon Anderson
Yes Communication Center
Yes Magazine
Yes Man
Yesman'sYes Museum
Yes World


Other Secular Music Sites

  • All-Music Guide Main Page
  • Drumming Resource Directory - Shameless self-promotion.
  • JethroTull Homepage
  • The REAL Frank Zappa Home Page
  • The Rocknet Archives
  • Ultimate Band List
  • Vangelis Home Page
  • Vangelis #2
  • Yooper Home Page - Bottumly!
  • ENSONIQ - Leading the World in Sound Innovation
  • Steve Nolan - Mr. Roland Man.
  • The Artist Shop IRC Chats
  • General
    Christian Music
    Contemporary Christian Music
    Larry Norman
    SolidRock / Phydeaux Home Page
    Street Level Artists Agency
    Phil Keaggy
    The March of the Clouds Phil Keaggy Page
    Way Back Home: A Phil Keaggy Home Page
    Ron Kenoly
    Artists of Integrity Music
    Ron Kenoly
    Unofficial Ron Kenoly Page
    Randy Stonehill
    Randy Stonehill #1
    Randy Stonehill #2
    Steve Taylor
    Feature: Steve Taylor
    The Steve Taylor in '96 Campaign Headquarters and Beauty Salon
    Bruce Cockburn
    European Bruce Cockburn WWW site
    Gavin's Woodpile
    I Have Plenty of Time
    Marie's Collection o' Bruce
    The Christian Musicians Internet Phone Book
    KTSY OnLine--Links to other Christian Music Sites
    Mid-Atlantic Christian Musician's Network
    Music Connections: Someone Still Cares. . .God Cares and so Do We!
    Music Interactive - Profile Page
    Bill Parr's Christianity and Bob Dylan Page

    Christian Music Links

    A r t  |  C a r e e r  |  M a s t e r s  W o r k  |  M u s i c  |  R e l i g i o n

    T o m a s  H o w i e  D r u m  W e b  |  P r o g  |  G o s p e l  |  M u s i c  L i n k s