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Welcome to the Tomas Howie Painting Gallery!

The first set of paintings were done immediately following the photorealistic phase of my charcoal drawings. They are all done in acrylic on plywood. The technique is similar to the photrealistic charcoal drawings: I start with a line drawing of the basic shape. I then begin by painting the farthest image first, layering closer images on top of distant ones; the middle value is put down, then I work towards the light areas, then the dark areas.

The later paintings are done in oils and represent a switch to technique-driven images so that I can experiment with different brush methods.

The first painting is of my cat Honcho: she loved to sit in the sink. Dumb as a box of rocks, but she was very affectionate. It antedates the paintings that follow.

The second and third paintings are of Jan and Sharon. Sharon liked to dress up in wigs and funny hats. Jan and Sharon were nursing majors: crazy people, nurses.

The fourth painting is of Suzette - she wasn't a nursing major. Everything about this one works for me: the skin, the lines, the texture of the blue shirt and the teddy bear (which is hard to see in this digitized image), the proportion. The composition is the classic triangle, and it really makes the image "sit" well in the frame.




These paintings are about 8 years old. They are oils and represent a return to landscape, which I had abandoned in High School.

The reason landscapes were chosen is purely utilitarian: these paintings are basically studies I am using to develop my oil technique.

These paintings are done with a great deal of emotion: I'm trying to find my way with them, and I usually pass through a period of intense displeasure with the piece before it begins to take the shape I see it in my mind. The style I'm working on has a strong emphasis on mixing the pigment directly on the canvas. This can cause some obvious problems.....

Okay! These images aren't landscapes! Well, maybe they are.... it depends on how you look at them!

This group is the most recent, including new works.


I have been "stretching" out a bit, learning some new techniques, and revisiting the portrait. Previous portraits had been done in either acrylic or charcoal; these new ones are the first in oils.

I have also been working in Impressionism, and I tend to let the subject matter dictate the technique; wet-on-wet, or overpaint. Sometimes, as you can see, I try different techniques on the same image, just to see what the resultant painting will look like. It's often a mystery.

The small paintings are part of a series on the Four Seasons; these two are "Summer" and "Winter."

The painting of the little kids in front of the yellow house is taken from a picture my parents took of my brother and I when we were kids.

Yes, that's us in front of the house! I gave this to my parents this past Christmas as a gift. The house look pretty much the same.




I keep being drawn back to faces. My newer painting reflect this.

Thanks to the wonderful photographs of a dear friend in Brazil, I'm being pulled back into the skyscape. She has a series of MySpace SkyBlogs, and these are paintings based on her photos.

There are a number of them coming...


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