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Welcome to the Tomas Howie Photography Gallery!

Even though many of these photos antedate the works in the Drawing and Painting Galleries, I put them first because they showcase the visual structure I strive for in all my work. These photographs are primarily portraits.

The primary emphasis here is on form, with a secondary emphasis on capturing the personality of the subject. Black and white seems to be more successful than color in revealing the "personality" or "soul" of the subject.





The two shots of the girl on the tombstone are from a modeling portfolio I did for a friend that she took to "The City" to try and get a job.

Here are some color shots from that session. The one at the upper right is my favorite. Interesting how a model in the exact same location can look so different in successive shots!

Occassionally, though, I like to get back to some rather obscure images, taking commonplace things are making them uncommon. I guess that's what everything I do attempts to acheive: making the common look uncommon.


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